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The White Hart Inn

In 1128, Kind David I, against the advice of his priest, set out
hunting upon the Feast Day of the Holy Rood. He came upon a huge,
white stag and gave chase but was thrown suddenly from his horse. As
the maddened stag turned upon its pursuer, David began frantically
praying to God. The story goes that a fiery cross appeared between the
stag's antlers before it vanished from sight.

Evidence suggests that an inn bearing our name was erected soon after
the events described. Only the cellarage survives from this time,
whilst the building above ground dates to 1740.

The White Hart has a rich history of famous patrons, including Robert
Burns, and the famous 'grave robbers', Burke and Hare. In recent
years, staff and customers have reported numerous sights and
experiences that suggest the hospitality offered at The White Hart over
the centuries has been so good that some of our patrons have decided
never to leave!

We offer live Scottish music Sunday to Thursday and live acoustic
music every weekend, with some of the best performers that Edinburgh
has to offer.

Opening Times Mon - Thu: 11am - 12am, Fri - Sat: 11am - 1am, Sun 12:30pm - 12am
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